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The goal of co-curricular activities is to engross students in their work and inspire them to explore new areas of interest. We have included Silambam, abacus, and Bhagavad Gita for our students as of this academic year. Yoga, art & craft, music, dancing, mridangam, keyboard, and traditional games are all available


A universal language that allows for the expression of culture is practiced twice a week because it gives a wonderful cardio workout.


Mridangam is taught twice a week to improve children's motor skills and creativity.

Music Class

Two times a week, music lessons are given to students to help them become more confident, strengthen their memories, and focus


Keyboard is a music-related exercise that is done twice a week to foster healthy habits like concentration, perseverance, and dedication, as well as to beneficially change the way the brain functions.


Silambam is used twice a week to reduce mental stress, promote sleep, and maintain a healthy heart and blood circulation.

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