Pandugudi Sri Lakshmi Narayana Vidyalaya Educational Society

This school is established and managed by Pandugudi Sri Lakshmi Narayana Vidyalaya Educational Society. To impart good education is a mission and vision to every members of Pandugudi, a small village in Thiruvadanai Tulak, Ramnathapuram District in Tamil Nadu. Their quest to have a reputed, well established and fully fledged institution for the younger generation gave birth to this institution in the year 2011. This society encourages scholarships to serve the educational needs for suburban children.

This Society is a registered Society and founded by an eclectic group of like-minded intellectuals who share similar ideas about education and children. This society has been formed to raise the quality of education and child development. The founders felt there was a need for a school where education is a joyful process, built on a solid academic foundation. They are committed to the development and running of a school committed to the philosophy of the society.

Below are some of the eminent founders of the society.

Name Designation Mobile
S. Narayanan Chairman 9442643748
S. Sivananda Srinivasan Vice Chairman 9894143019
P. Karpuram Vice Chairman 9443591166
P. Thirunavukkarasu Vice Chairman 9842123315
R. Kannan Vice Chairman 9443591166
S. Shanmuganathan Secretary 9443341282
S.N. Muthukrishnan Treasurer 9443162074
S. Selvam Joint Secretary 9943432337
N. Pandian Joint Secretary 9842174362
A. Janakiraman Joint Secretary 9443916779
S. Eswaran Joint Secretary 9047019427
J. Manikandan Joint Secretary 9443454829
T. Murugesan Joint Secretary 9842189233
Bala Karthikeyan Joint Secretary 9042121144
S. Selvaraj Joint Secretary 9865694441
B. Muthuraja Member 9443169775
S. Sivaji Member 9443034230
V. Saravanan Member 9842145181
M. Mookkan Member 9994479615
R. Manimaran Member 9443571389
T. Chidambaram Member 9443731184
C. Jeyam Member 9443027620
K. Govindarajan Member 9843009800
T.C.Gopinath Member 9443091145
R. Sanmuganathan Member 9842170388
S.N. Ramesh Member 9443774227
C.J.Karthick Ramanan Member 9442033394
T.C.Ragunath Member 9994022717
R. Ganesan Chettiar Member 9688525929
T. Balasubramanian Member 9443087026
K. Pattani Member 9442638138