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Our Motto is Perseverance, Sacrifice, Love and Virtue ( PSLV)

ukg This school is established and managed by Pandugudi Sri Lakshmi Narayana Vidyalaya Educational Society. The Pandugudi Sri lakshmi Narayana Vidyalaya is named after the deity Sri Lakshmi Narayana and is located under the footprint of Alagar hills in Madurai. The school believes in maximizing the capacity of each student and equips them to walk through the doors of opportunity.


"We are able because we think we are able"


"If not us, who will Achieve? If not now, When will be?"


The Institution is ably supported by a large and extremely dedicated support staff which includes assistants, house-keeping personnel, trained paramedics, etc. In addition to student development PSLV also empowers its staff to participate in career-enhancement training forums, awareness workshops, multi-skills training and advanced courses.

S.No Faculty Class Handle Deisgnation Experience
1 Christella Sailas IX and X (Biology) Principal 13
2 S.Shyamala I, II, (Hin)IV,VIII And X(Sci) PGT 18
3 V. Megadoss IX and X (Eng) PGT 28
4 M.Booma Devi V to X (Sci) PGT 14
5 A.Mary IV and V (Eng) PGT 15
6 K.Saravanan V, VI(Sci) IX And X (Chem) PGT 15
7 V.SusiRekha VII to X (Mat) PGT 8
8 S.J.Irudhayaraj V(EVS), VI, VIII(Sci) IX And X(Phy) PGT 11
9 S.UmaMaheswari I to V(Mat) IX And X(Eco) PGT 9
10 B.Muthu lakshmi VI, VIII, IX and X(Mat) PGT 9
11 N.Vimala V,VI, VII(Eng) PGT 5
12 M.Rehana Begam VI to X(Soc) TGT 18
13 R. BalaMurugan VI to VIII(Eng grammar And G k) TGT 6
14 B.Nagarajan I to X(Sans) TGT 10
15 D.Deepa V to VII (Mat) TGT 6
16 N.K.Pramila III to V(Hin) IV(GK) TGT 13
17 P.Sathiya IV to VIII (Comp) TGT 5
18 A.Adaikkan VII (Sci) IX (Chem) VI to VIII(Apt, PSA) TGT 5 1/2
19 P.Kavitha V to VII (Tam) TGT 8
20 N.Saroja I to III(GK) VI, VII, IX, X (Hin) TGT 11
21 R.Velanganni Mary VI to VII(Eng) IV, V, And VIII(Grammar) TGT 12
22 Eugene D' Lasselle I to VII (Spoken Eng) TGT 11
23 P. Murugalakshmi IV(Apt) VI(Soc) TGT 9
24 M.Prabakaran I to X( Games) PTI 4
25 P.Gopinath I to X( Games) PTI 3
26 S.Muthu Kumar Librarian Librarian 4
27 D.Karthika I to III(comp) IV(Apt) V(Mat) PRT 3
28 V.Ponmudi I to III (Eng) PRT 11
29 S.Sarathi I to IV (Mat) PRT 8
30 V.Swatti I (GK) II(Evs) PRT 6
31 A.Nithya kala I to II (Mat) PRT 4
32 S.Hemamalini VIII to X (Tam) PRT 1
33 N.Shyed Ali Fathima I to III(Eng and mat) PRT 13
34 S.U.Keerthiga Devi III, IV and VII (Tam) PRT 3
35 S.Hadhu Beebi I to VIII (Art And Craft) PRT 12
36 D.SudhaKumari LKG NTT 31
37 M.Saranya UKG NTT 3
38 A.Muthu lakshmi I, II (EVS) NTT 6
39 M.Gayathri I to III (Tam) NTT 3
40 P.Sasikala UKG NTT 13
41 S.Poornakala UKG NTT 11
42 R.Rajalakshmi I to IV (Drawing and Handwriting) Trainee 1
43 M.Priya Chandran VII to X Soc) Trainee 1
44 C.Lizzi III Std Evs PGT 15
45 K.Devi LKG NTT 3
46 J.Vanitha - TGT 6

Grievance Redressal Committee (GRC) (General)


Dear Sir/Madam,
A Grievance Redressal committee has been formed in our Pandugudi Sri Lakshmi Narayana Vidyalaya CBSE School to settle genuine grievances of students,staff and parents up to a satisfaction level so as to create a healthy relationship among the students,parent’s employees and employer. The grievance will include any matter relating to student and staff. The committee is requested to contribute effectively to dispose the grievances at the earliest.


1. To deal with all the genuine grievances of students and staff of the school.
2. All complaint should file their grievances either by writing in paper to the committee or by online on the website of the school.
3. The committee will meet at least once in a month to resolve the grievances.
4. To take conclusive decision and submit its recommendations to the deciding authority for removal of alleged grievances.
5. The student/staff shall bring up his grievance in a prescribe format immediately to the grievane cell without fail. The number of grievance settled or pending will be report to the Principal/Director in every month.


1. A complaint box will be provided for students.
2. Similarly another complaint box will be provided for staff.
3. All grievances referred to the Grievance Redressal committee shall be entered in a Register by designated member.
4. All complaints sholud be resolved with in a time frame by looking into its seriousness and by two way approach.
5. The result of the grievance will be informed to the complainant within the period defined.
6. Any staff/student may report directly to the Principal/Director for resolving thier grievance if he/she is dissatisfied by the GRC

Therefore we have nominated you as a the ___________________________of the GRC.We request you to kinldy give your acceptance regarding this.

Thank you

Committee Members

2Mrs.Christella SailasPrincipal
3Mrs.M.Sharmilaa DeviDirector
4Mr.L.N.Ganesh Babu Teacher
5Mrs.S.Shymala Teacher
6Mr.A.P.Ramasamy Parent
7Mr.K.Karthikeyan Parent
8A.Priyadharsini of class XIStudent
9M.Mohan Raj of class IXStudent